National Library Week poster, redux

So in case you didn’t look at the links in the intro paragraph, let me spell it out for you: The ALA National Library Week posters look like iPod ads. A lot. Someone mentioned to me that maybe this is ALA’s way of “pushing the envelope on fair use” by inviting lawsuits. More copy on the ALA site reads “Bright colors and all-inclusive silhouettes invite everyone in your community to celebrate at your library…. This timeless design is not dated making it perfect for long-term use.” I think “all-inclusive” in this case means that with everyone silhouetted, you don’t need to worry about racial or perhaps even gender equity. Plus you don’t need to pay models. Smart! Now I don’t know about you, but I see a videocasette in that banner as well as headphones that are already out of style even where I live. Timeless, indeed.
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