internet inside us – living at the library

As many of you may know, my long term goal is to be able to live in or at the library I work at. So I enjoyed this paragraph from the New Yorker Article about how the internet gets inside us immensely, though I worry my desires may become trendy.

“There is, for instance, a simple, spooky sense in which the Internet is just a loud and unlimited library in which we now live—as if one went to sleep every night in the college stacks, surrounded by pamphlets and polemics and possibilities. There is the sociology section, the science section, old sheet music and menus, and you can go to the periodicals room anytime and read old issues of the New Statesman. (And you can whisper loudly to a friend in the next carrel to get the hockey scores.) To see that that is so is at least to drain some of the melodrama from the subject. It is odd and new to be living in the library; but there isn’t anything odd and new about the library.”

5 thoughts on “internet inside us – living at the library

  1. Here’s a thought: library sleepovers! It might not be living in a library, but it would put a new spin on professional mixers if people stayed overnight at a library.

  2. The Arden Hills library in Minnesota is for sale as a residential area ;)

  3. The branch library I work at has condominums above it, you could work downstairs and live upstairs. Sequoya Branch Madison WI

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