a few notes from Boston

The big drum. Boston Peace Jubilee

I participate in a holiday card exchange every year. I don’t celebrate Christmas but most people I know do so I like to have something holiday appropriate and possibly library interesting at the same time. Thanks to Boston Public Library’s Flickr stream, I think I’ve found the perfect image, available for me to use within the terms of their license. Thanks BPL! The Boston Globe is also a great source of library information, I swear they have someone working there who is on the library beat. This semi-recent article on Information Overload and what that looked like five centuries ago when the newest boogeyman was the printing press is an enjoyable read.

Astute readers may notice that this blog now has a twitter. If you want to subscribe to this blog’s posts via Twitter, you can follow the @librariandotnet account which is auto-posted to from this blog. All the rest of my updates will be at @jessamyn. I set it up without too much trouble using the Twitter Tools plug-in and the bit.ly APi to shortne the URLs.