Being a librarian in the human library

A long while back there was a human interest story with an eye catching title “Check out a lesbian!” or som such. The idea was to explore the idea of predjudices by having a conversation with someone in a group you maybe didn’t know anyone in. The object, at some level, to be realizing we’re all people, expanding your horizons, etc. I had forgotten about it until recently until Ben Ropp sent me an email asking about it. Looks like the program, HUMAN Library, now has a nice website with a lot of extra “how to” information and some example libraries (and a longer list) worldwide that have tried it. I’m happy to see this project still going strong.

4 thoughts on “Being a librarian in the human library

  1. Human/living libraries are such a great idea. It doesn’t look like it’s listed on the main website, but Douglas College in British Columbia has one too.

  2. My first time to hear the phrase “human library.” I hope my work (or at least I myself) am a part of that!

  3. We did this at our library! It wasn’t super well attended the first time, but people were really enthusiastic about it and we hope to do it again some day.

  4. This is a great idea – Human Library. While Google and others are trying to infuse technology into living beings to make them half human and half machine, this attempt is at least more HUMAN !

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