ashcrofts vs librarians, wayback machine

Seems that Ashcrofts have been disrespecting librarians since way back when

It was Mother s Day, a Sunday, 1990, when I was
called by my staff; who told me Mrs. Ashcroft wanted the
Missouri State Library opened, recalls Monteria Hightower,
who was then state librarian. Assuming the governor’s wife
wanted to show visitors around (and that I could make a pitch
for new computers…), Hightower left her
family at home and hurried to unlock the darkened library. She
found Janet, outside in a car with a driver, accompanied only
by a boy of 12. With astonishment, she heard Janet’s reason
for her Sunday appearance at the library: I want to find
something on the Elizabethan era for my son s homework
[thanks lis]