on mentoring

Sarah Glassmeyer has some great advice for people in the profession who are looking for mentoring or considering being a mentor. I find that aside from more official ALA sorts of set-ups, there are a lot of opportunities to help people who are newer to the profession sort of get their sea legs and sometimes it’s incredibly useful to give/get a “reality check” about what is considered normal in the workplace. I know I’ve benefitted greatly from other more expereinced librarians and technology folks giving me their read on a situation and I like to think I can do the same for others.

One thought on “on mentoring

  1. Yeah I´d say most want to be the mentor. Not listen to someone else. So it´s probably more hard to find someone who wants to be mentored than to find a mentor which many people would like to be, for a reason. Today everybody knows everything or thinks s/he does so therefore it´s only smart to give them that feeling and let them mentor but tell me how many people you know that would actively seek for advice or answers, or how to get better in being a librarian? Dont know many :)

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