Library 2.0 and Jaron Lanier and You

I interviewed Jaron Lanier for Library Journal between Holidaytime and New Years. An excerpt of the interview is now in print and also available on Library Journal’s website: Jaron Lanier on the limits of Web 2.0, intellectual property, and libraries as a place of refuge. You can also read the unabridged interview with Jaron Lanier on my site.

To me there’s clearly something missing in the formula that we’re developing for civilization. There’s something missing and I think that the library will naturally come to fill that gap. And making the library into some sort of alternate facebook access point is exactly the wrong way to achieve that.

5 thoughts on “Library 2.0 and Jaron Lanier and You

  1. May I suggest that everyone do what I did last Saturday: Take A Librarian To Lunch! They’re great conversationalists.

    I’m amused by all the “crushes” in the previous post. And I can tell you that from here in economically crushed California, the phrase “rural Vermont” sounds like heaven.

  2. It was very informative to hear criticism of Web 2.0 from someone who has been important in the online world. What resonated most strongly for me was Lanier’s point that that the Social Networking part of the Internet is only just that–a small part. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind at the library when I’m training adults on how to use computers.

  3. Oh–and I just put “You are Not a Gadget” on hold!

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