hi – 06feb

Hi. I have the day off today which means that I can stay home, mess with cars, watch it snow and not have to shake my fist at the weather. I have been working on the library web site for the past month and it’s almost ready to go live. If anyone would like to take a peek at it and give me some feedback, I’d appreciate it. My goals are to have the site use all CSS for layout, be accessible to people with low vision or who use screen-readers, be standards compliant [I am still doing some retrofitting to make this work, like closing my [li] tags] and have stuff be easy to find. On the back end, I’ll be running Movable Type on Lishost so it will have a series of templates and stylesheets that can be ignored as content is updated. Things I could not control includes the inclusion of images, the boxy logo and most of the content, which came with it. Here’s the old site and the new site. My goal is to improve on the old site which was not terribly bad to begin with, but hard to update and maintain, and to make it one of the best public library web sites in the state of Vermont.

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