2 thoughts on “scooting about in the library

  1. Thank you about writing about our Amigo scooters in Libraries. With the population aging, but active, libraries are faced with more active senior customers, and the Amigo scooters are a good solution: A wheelchair requires a second person to push and an electric powerchair is twice as expensive and really not needed. The Laramy County Library (library of the year) is using our Amigos, too. Proud in Michigan, thanks again, Dietrich

  2. Thank god for the greater awareness of mobility problems though we still have a long, long way to go. I suffered a knee injury that meant that I experienced mobiity problems earlier than usual. Believe me scooters are great but doors are heavy and hard to open with mobility problems, curb cuts often are blocked or need repair, snow and ice makes getting anywhere with mobility problems terrifying. I think the heads of libraries, library architects and facilities maintenance heads should have to spend a week in a wheelchair before they plan a new building. You truely can’t appreciate how difficult life can be with a mobility problem. Having stared at a barrier and almost wept at the thought of trying to overcome it, I know that, though we’ve come a long way, we STILL have a very long way to go.

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