3 thoughts on “How to make a book purse

  1. Jessamyn,

    This is one of the coolest things EVER! I couldn’t get it to open here at work, but I’ll try it from home this evening. This might make an okay fund-raiser for a school, I think, if you could get enough kids and enough stuff to make them. This is something that I am definitely interseted in! Hah! Even more incentive to weed our collection! Thanks, Jessamyn!

  2. I first read that as it being the purse that no one wants, though obviously I was wrong.

    Have you read Watchmen before? I read it once in high school, thought it was just all right, then read it again last month and thought it was amazing. I suspect I skimmed it in high school.

  3. I just read Watchmen again last month and yeah it was a LOT better than I remembered it.

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