wordpress 2.5 upgrade complete

Hi. I’ve just updated to WordPress 2.5 and while I find the admin interface horrible, the web site seems to look okay. This upgrade fixes some pretty nasty vulnerabilities that the 2.3-ish version of WordPress had. Do yourself a favor and take the time to update. If you notice anything gone kablooey about the blog post-update, please leave a comment here or drop me an email. Thanks!

One thought on “wordpress 2.5 upgrade complete

  1. a little overdue this comment, surely nothing to stay awake for either. Just to say I agree with yr post on WP2.5 having a shit GUI.
    Came here while looking for some technical thing on Ubuntu, irrelevant to what I found here though, noticed you installed Linux in a Public Library which is always good but quite difficult, I’d imagine, in a public library, given politics and all.
    That’s about it, I think, I’ll probably have a look at yr blog now, or who knows, make coffee or drink wine.
    greetings from a somewhat former librarian and expat from Melbourne.

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