1,000,000 pennies, the five year fundraiser

I’ve been looking at Michigan library websites in anticipation of my talk at the Michigan Library Association conference that I’ll be speaking at this Thursday. I try to have local examples of various 2.0 endeavors and Michigan is hard because people always say “AADL, duh!” but there’s so mch more going on. My favorite little project has been the Spies Public Library’s 1,000,000 pennies fundraiser in honor of the library’s 100th anniversary. The library is in the UP, practically in Wisconsin, in Menominee. My favorite part of the whole thing, besides it just being a novel idea to raise money, is the chart at the bottom of the page. Watching the dollar amounts go up 5000 pennies at a time really gives you a sense of a community activity. I’ll be talking about their “low tech 2.0” approach on Thursday. If anyone’s at MLA, please stop by and say hello.

One thought on “1,000,000 pennies, the five year fundraiser

  1. Wow. That’s really neat. I bet those are going to be some really satisfied people in the community when they hit the 1 million penny mark. It’s a great example of slow but steady.

    I have no idea exactly how it’s pronounced by people in the know, but in my head, “Menominee” is immediately followed by a muppet popping up and going “do doo do do doot!”

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