25 thoughts on “weirdest library design EVAR

  1. Teletubbies was my first thought as well.

  2. It evokes reading… um, 1950s science fiction, anyway ;-) (Joe Alterio wins “best post title” pretty handily)

  3. wow – I’m SO not original. I looked at the pics, immediately thought “oh my – they designed a huge teletubby” and booked it over here, only to see others thought the same thing.

    Tubby Custard, anyone?

    Oh and ps – your blog design ROCKS.

  4. I posted a pic of this as wallpaper on our ref desk terminal last year. It is pretty far out, and it embodies part of the Prague spirit. Reminds me a lot of the black-light marionette theatre production of “Yellow Submarine” I attended there once.

  5. Ummm… yeah, that will look really good in Prague, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in Europe. What are they thinking?

    I don’t know, but I’ll say this: decline of Western civ.

  6. Geez, and I thought the Seattle Public Library was ugly. I wouldn’t expect to find a neo-classical Carnegie-style library in Prague, but this is an abomination.

  7. Any library must first be functional. It’s too early to tell from these photos whether this one will be.

    Now, cities think their library (or other public institution) building needs to stand out to generate interest. Like it or not, the Seattle Public Library did just that and is a destination landmark for people visiting the city.

  8. i love it; it’s like a giant, melting smurf hat! i’m warming up my passport and brushing up on my czech right now!

  9. It might not be your cup of tea, but “decline of Western civ.” is a little harsh – the most beautiful cities in the world are created from the juxtaposition of architectural styles that may look similar to us now but at the time were met with indignation and cries of “abomination” …

  10. Looks like a giant sneeze! Wow! Just one more reason to say no to drugs! That has got to be one of the ugliest building plans EVER!

  11. “Like it or not, the Seattle Public Library did just that (generate interest) and is a destination landmark for people visiting the city.”

    Maybe so, but from what I’ve heard and read about it so far, it’s not functional for the people who actually have to use it. Form and function go together and can’t be separated.

  12. Decline of Western civilization? Come on!
    (One qustion: is Czech Republic still considered Eastern or already Western civ?)

    But anyway:
    I like that building for its unusual sight. Where would our civil. be if we would only always build the same old stuff? And I know enough libraries that are build in the common (that means for me: postwar European ugliness) style that are very unfunctional for the staff.

  13. Dragon Warrior references!?!?! I’m in geek heaven!

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – best laugh I’ve had all day. Having said that, I wouldn’t really call it ugly,just unusual… i wonder how functional it will be. The National Library – hmm has anyone checked for pods in Prague?

  15. i’m a 13 year old girl and not a librarian but i say, keep building Prague!
    that is an awsome design and i love it. you adults can contradict me all you want but i think who ever designed should put one were i am.

  16. This building looks like the architect was stoned and thinking of shrumbs. Who knows?

  17. This is the most intresting Library design I’ve ever seen! I’m in grade twelve and I’m designing a library for my drafting class. Thus, I’ve been looking at a lot of designs, but this is the only one that looks like it wasn’t just designed for books, but for people as well. It doesn’t take drugs to think this up, just an imagination.

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