done messing with themes

Okay, the website is fixed and set to go with the new style. I’ve done a few things here so if you regularly read via RSS, you might want to take a peek at it. Here are the improvements:

  • New stylesheet. Easy to read, photo of me, slighty different layout.
  • Style switcher now works in all styles so if you don’t like this one, pick another one (in the lower right) and you’ll always be able to get back.
  • I pulled in some RSS feeds so you can see the last five books I’ve read [this will encourage me to read more speedily] and the last five questions from Ask MetaFilter [often compelling]. I did this using feed2js. Big thanks to Meredith’s husband Adam for suggesting it.

Everything else should be the same. Please contact me if you see something broken.

3 thoughts on “done messing with themes

  1. is part of the purpose of theme-switching to enable people with visual impairment to read your site better? of course there’s local overrides and rss and … i don’t know a whole lot about it but i understand bigger fonts and high-contrast text vs. background (such as yellow-text-on-black) are good. ifthatsso, i’m hoping there’s a wordpress theme out there for allofus.

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