Conference: UNIVERSITY – Knowledge Beyond Authority

I’m going to be a facilitator for a working group at the Berkman Center’s Internet & Society Conference, titled University: Knowledge Beyond Authority. I’m in a group with David Weinberger and Cathy Norton, a librarian at the Woods Hole Institute. We’ll be talking about the “Library of University” and what the heck is going on with it in the digital age. If you’re in the Boston area, or would consider being there, the conference is (almost) free and mostly takes place on June 1st. If you go, please do say hello.

2 comments for “Conference: UNIVERSITY – Knowledge Beyond Authority

  1. 22May07 at 8:58

    Wish I could go. Thanks for sharing this, as it has given me some ideas as I help plan Library Camp NYC. What gives with there being no profile of you yet on the facilitators page of this event? What do they think you are…chopped liver? ;-)

  2. 25May07 at 12:12

    Hey J. Sounds like a blast. Wish I was on the east coast. Just finished Weinberger’s “everything is miscellaneous” which I enjoyed greatly. While I had questions about a few points, overall I think he hit the nail on the head about the power of the web to organize information in lots of different ways, to explode the 3×5 card. Librarians would do well to read the book.

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