Walt Crawford on what’s next for Walt

Walt Crawford received his termination notice from OCLC. I was really hoping he’d be one of the people they kept and apparently so was he. He’s now 61 and looking for work. In the library profession this shouldn’t be impossible, but it’s always a pain in the ass. If you’ve got a need for someone with his background, experience or attitude, don’t wait, drop him a line.

3 thoughts on “Walt Crawford on what’s next for Walt

  1. Thanks for the post–but one teeny-tiny correction (sloppy writing in my post): I’m not 62 yet, but I will be by September 30. For now, I’m a child of 61.

  2. This is awful. I never thought much of the way OCLC makes its decisions, but this really burns me.

    Did I say it’s awful? It’s AWFUL! This is so …[fill in the blankety blank blank]

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