I am not saying this is true, I am only saying you should read it

If anyone with more of an understanding of the Montana ILL system would like to comment on this very odd post about a small library, the PATRIOT Act and an alleged “watch list” I would appreciate it. Update: story was not exactly true, the result of a misunderstanding, good to know.

4 thoughts on “I am not saying this is true, I am only saying you should read it

  1. I work at the library at U of Montana and am asking some colleagues about it now. We will let you know what we find out.

  2. I’ve heard back from a librarian at Billings Public, and this is what she had to say:
    “I can tell you no such letter was issued from this library. The specifics regarding the letter, its sender and the book(s) in question aren’t really there in the blog post. I wouldn’t rule out one of our patrons leaving something in a book as a political statement, though. It’s been done before. Frankly, the library staff wouldn’t have the time to do this even if we had the inclination. (And we don’t!)”

    I’ll let you know if we hear anything else.

  3. A further update–someone at the state library has talked with the librarian at Joliet who confirms that this was all just a big misunderstanding and that she never received any such letter. Hopefully some of my other Montana compatriots will step up and share information…it’s hard representing the whole state to the biblioblogosphere on this issue!

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