4 thoughts on “oh Ms. Dewey

  1. This one was really funny! I had to close the window after a while — she was eyeing me too much.

  2. Ms. Dewey is a Microsoft project, and is really just a funny interface to Windows Live Search (www.live.com).

    To see something really strange, go to msdewey.com and runa search on ‘blockbuster video’.

  3. Possibly the worst search interface evar. Ajax dies on his own sword toward the end of this story, I think.

    Although MSN set it up with Flash; but “Flash” doesn’t have any Greek references that would make sense in context.

    Try running the site on a slower computer — I’m using an old iMac today, and the audio of her air-guitar intro is ridiculously choppy on a low-RAM machine.

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