4 comments for “oh Ms. Dewey

  1. 19Dec06 at 11:42

    This one was really funny! I had to close the window after a while — she was eyeing me too much.

  2. Debi
    20Dec06 at 12:18

    Blah. She bugs me.

  3. gene
    21Dec06 at 11:55

    Ms. Dewey is a Microsoft project, and is really just a funny interface to Windows Live Search (www.live.com).

    To see something really strange, go to msdewey.com and runa search on ‘blockbuster video’.

  4. 22Dec06 at 2:22

    Possibly the worst search interface evar. Ajax dies on his own sword toward the end of this story, I think.

    Although MSN set it up with Flash; but “Flash” doesn’t have any Greek references that would make sense in context.

    Try running the site on a slower computer — I’m using an old iMac today, and the audio of her air-guitar intro is ridiculously choppy on a low-RAM machine.

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