information need: mailto form for wordpress

A lot of housecleaning going on this weekend. I need a better contact form for this website. WordPress folks, what are you using? Is it mostly spamfree? Was it easy enough to install and administer? I’m looking for something ideally where I could customize it to work with my theme, add a custom subject line, and not much else. More info, slightly on the Flickr page.

wanted: plug in mailto form solution

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  1. I have a simple HTML form working in one of my WP installs. Don’t know how much use my experience will be for you, though, as I didn’t use a plugin and I don’t know if you have SSH access to your web host account.

    So, I hand coded in HTML, then – and this is the important bit I think – created a new page template for the form which I customized to look like the rest of the site. (Forms don’t work in default WP post/page templates; this can be aggravating till you find out.)

    I’m using my web host’s provided install of formmail for processing. But when I stop being such a lazy sod, I’ll probably switch to nms formmail which does a swell job of obfuscating the “to” email address in the visible source code.

    Re. spam: Haven’t had any. The example site here is pretty small so that may just be luck ::knockonwood::, but I *have* had many thousands of comment spam during the same interval – all of which were stopped by Akismet. (yay!) YMMV, but of course. One kludge of an anti-formspam measure is to feed the output through an email account established just for controlling spam received from the form – e.g., an extra gmail account – before it’s forwarded to your home account; that way one’s default mailbox filters aren’t messed about from all the contact mail from strangers.

    Hope it’s a wee bit of help.

  2. That’s horrific!

    I don’t have any helpful solutions, though. Spammers evoke almost-homicidal reactions from me :(

  3. I am using

    We are using basically the same theme, so it should work. Not overly customizable in terms of the field, but great because you just add a page to the blog and load this up from the plugin interface. Why did I think you had a form before? I haven’t had any spam, but then again, no one writes to me :-)

  4. I installed Contact Form ][ after reading a library blog last week (thought it was yours, but I guess not!). Whoever it was had just installed his/hers, so neither that person nor I have had much experience with it, but so far it seems good.

    It’s got customizable subject lines: you can add a suffix to note that it came through your contact form; the sender can specify a subject line. It works with your theme. It was simple to install and to set options.

    Good luck!

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