Hi. I had to stay home from work today because of a crazy snowstorm. I dislike staying home from work so I did workish things here — dealt with my work budget, looked at the website I am working on from a lot of different browsers, messed with this site. I got the bad news from our OPAC provider at work. They do not support Netscape. This was their response when I pointed out a really egregious formatting error that I had gotten when doing a routine query. Problem solved on their end, I guess “Oh, we don’t support that.” I wonder what other browsers they don’t support? Probably all of them except Internet Explorer So, I may not be able to change what is already broken at my library, but I’ve been looking into Open Source systems again. LISnews had a link to a very informative pdf HOWTO discussing how to distribute Open Source software CD’s in your library.

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