ALA Election Finals

The ALA elections are over. 14,441 people voted. The new ALA President Elect is Loriene Roy. The dues increase passed by a fairly close margin. The new incoming Councilors At Large are Rosie L. Albritton, Cassandra G. Barnett, Beth E. Bingham, Carolyn Sue Brodie, Kate Ann Corby, Bob R. Diaz, Heidi W. Dolamore, David L. Easterbrook, Ann Dutton Ewbank, Amy Gonzalez Ferguson, Nancy Fredericks, Carolyn P. Giambra, Michael A. Golrick, Michael Gutierrez, Rochelle L. Hartman, Beth K. Hill, Dora T. Ho, Patricia M. Hogan, Dennis J. LeLoup, Ginny B. Moore, Andrea M. Morrison, Ria Elizabeth Newhouse, Nancy C. Pack , Jo Ann Pinder, Ellen M. Riordan, Larry Romans, Frances R. Roscello, Mark C. Rosenzweig, Gail A. Schlachter, Barbara Silverman, Margie J. Thomas, Shixing Wen and Nancy P. Zimmerman. More election results are on this page and Michael has the numbers for the At Large Councilor votes.

One thought on “ALA Election Finals

  1. Hi, Jessamyn
    Here’s my rant on why I didn’t vote. My computers DO NOT PERMIT POPUPS! The computers where I work (and the one at home that my husband uses for professional efforts) BLOCK POPUPS.

    I do not administer these machines. (Nor do I want to!) I WROTE to ALA to complain, but the truth is, I am getting tired of the smug assumptions that this organization has made about me and how I use computers.

    They even had the nerve to ask me to renew ONLINE. Now, I know, that doesn’t sound so bad. BUT THEY DIDN’T give me a choice either. If they had, I might have considered using my credit card in their online festival of renewals, but, since they just ASSUMED I would march to their e-tune, I dug in my heels and, yes, complained. Interestingly, when I complained THEY DID send me paper to complete. Of course, that was about money.

    Complaining about the election process? Well, THAT hasn’t gotten a response yet.

    Thanks for letting me yell.

    Be well,
    Barbara Wurtzel

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