Higher Ed Blog-Con

What a nice looking site this is! Now that the week of Library & Information Resources is winding down, go look at the great list of articles, screencasts and presentations that have been assembled. They include some good thought proviking pieces as well as some very practical tutorials. There is a set of screencast howtos from Jason Grifffey about how to make a Digital New Book display and instructions on how to put a Google map on your library website from Chris Deweese. One really picky problem I noticed: I found one presentation (John Blyberg’s) through a del.icio.us link page. When I got to his presentation, I couldn’t figure out who wrote it! (now fixed!)

3 thoughts on “Higher Ed Blog-Con

  1. D’oh! Totally my fault. I’ve had the flu all week and posting the content late at night was really not conducive to getting things right. Each presentation was supposed to have the presenter’s name, affiliation and (if possible) blog/Web site URL, but I somehow missed it on John’s. It’s all fixed now.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jessamyn! It’s going to take me weeks to get through all the interesting things at HigherEd BlogCon.

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