library 2.0, bang for buck

As I’ve said before, I don’t have much of a desire to become a library 2.0 pundit. I don’t have a strong opinion on the loose idea and I like the players on both sides of the argument. What I care about is the libraries I work with and how technology and the “outside world” affects them and how I can help them deal with that. Michael Golrick is a library administrator in Bridgeport, Connecticut which has its share of have-not patrons and he has a thoughtful post on how the Library 2.0 idea trickles down to patrons like his (and, by extension, like mine).

Michael is also running for Council, don’t forget, and has written the most amazing beginner’s guide to the American Library Association. Meredith Farkas has split out all the individual posts into one set, and I’m reprinting that list here:
ALA 101 Introduction
Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Divisions
Part 3: Round Tables
Part 4: Offices
Part 5: Committees
Part 6: Buildings and Conferences
Part 7: Governance (this means ALA Council)

2 thoughts on “library 2.0, bang for buck

  1. I feel like a Library 2.0 pundit, in that although I don’t really have a full grasp on the concept, I’m writing about it anyway!

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