leslie burger and what to do with ala

Leslie Burger, incoming ALA President has a blog. I would love to know what Michael Gorman has to say about this, or as Caveat Lector calls him M-ch–l G-rm-n which always makes me smile. Leslie has already gotten going, meeting with some of the blogger types at Midwinter to solicit opinions about using and implementing “new” technology at ALA to help the organization. Her latest post The LIE, BQE and ALA talks about building on the idea of social networking to make ALA more relevant and useful to an incoming group of librarians, a group that may be wondering what ALA can do for them. Many people, myself included, chimed in with suggestions, and I’d encourage you to do the same.

One thought on “leslie burger and what to do with ala

  1. Honestly, my concern is less about what ALA does to use technology for member services, and more about what ALA does to advance the profession and present a public face for the profession which is forward looking, especially regarding technology, neither utopian nor luddite. (and my embaressment about most of what comes out of Gorman’s mouth regarding any kind of technology at all, and how he’s quoted all over the place representing librarians.)

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