4 thoughts on “to be literate is to possess the cow of plenty

  1. Done. It now has a CC Attribution license. However…

    The book was published in India in 1931. When I scanned it and put it on Flickr, I wasn’t sure how technically legal that was, so I don’t know if I have the right to claim copyright over the new image, or to claim that I am releasing the image to the Creative Commons. Confusing, no? I’d say use at your own risk, as I don’t think I have the right to grant you use of this image.

    Given that it is still the logo of the Madras Library Association, perhaps we should ask them?

  2. …and my apologies for idly wishing on my blog when I could have emailed you, I didn’t match up blogger + library quite quickly enough, though I knew it sounded familiar.

  3. No need to apologize. Now that you have linked it, over 270 people have viewed it, eight people have made it a favorite, and it’s now the most “interesting” photo in our photostream. A bigger response than I got when I posted the photo to my blog!

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