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  1. 10Feb06 at 2:52

    Done. It now has a CC Attribution license. However…

    The book was published in India in 1931. When I scanned it and put it on Flickr, I wasn’t sure how technically legal that was, so I don’t know if I have the right to claim copyright over the new image, or to claim that I am releasing the image to the Creative Commons. Confusing, no? I’d say use at your own risk, as I don’t think I have the right to grant you use of this image.

    Given that it is still the logo of the Madras Library Association, perhaps we should ask them?

  2. 10Feb06 at 3:41

    I sent them an email, we’ll see what they say. Thanks for the CC license!

  3. 10Feb06 at 3:53

    …and my apologies for idly wishing on my blog when I could have emailed you, I didn’t match up blogger + library quite quickly enough, though I knew it sounded familiar.

  4. 10Feb06 at 4:39

    No need to apologize. Now that you have linked it, over 270 people have viewed it, eight people have made it a favorite, and it’s now the most “interesting” photo in our photostream. A bigger response than I got when I posted the photo to my blog!

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