5 comments for “San Antonio Public Library

  1. laura
    25Jan06 at 11:02

    Probably they won’t do preventative maintenance after hours because then they’d have to pay the mechanics overtime. FWIW, I’m a librarian who’s married to an elevator mechanic. (Figure the odds, huh?)

  2. 25Jan06 at 10:54

    I went to a marketing workshop where we were told by these marketing peeps that libraries and librarians are known for having really ineffectual signage.

    Proof positive, I guess.

  3. 25Jan06 at 11:11

    That’s so rude! Do you think the other woman worked there, or was friends with the librarian, or something? But whatever the reason: rude! Rudeness!

    I thought people were supposed to be all warm and polite in the South. Another stereotype bites the dust, I guess.

  4. Jess SAPL
    30Jan06 at 4:18

    Sorry about the signs, sometimes patrons (kids) mess around with them.

    There are always the stairs!! It’s good for your health!

  5. EB SAPL
    09Feb06 at 4:03

    Hmm, I always saw the signs while on one of my frequent trips down there.

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