26 thoughts on “Are you a librarian? Do you score like a librarian?

  1. Me too, sadly. But seeing as I’m a middle-aged male taking an OKCupid online quiz I still scored in the 99th percentile!

    I sure wish it said which ones we got wrong, cause I could’ve sworn I did a tad bit better.

  2. Assistant Librarian – 68%

    Which I think is very respectable since most of the questions were about the US and LOC.

  3. Where did you find your score – I was told I answered 29 of 29 questions but no result…

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  5. 55%! *cries*

    But never mind that–here is the story of my life: while I was taking this stupid librarian test, the site tells me that other users were taking (and I couldn’t make this up if I tried):

    The how fuckable are you? Test
    The Buffy The Vampire Quotes Test
    The real life sex Test
    The BDSM & long-term relationships Test
    The Sexual Mind Test
    The Master. Dom, or Player Test
    The screw me Test
    The famous boobs for experts Test
    The Thinking Man’s Masturbation Test
    The Satanic Witch or Warlock Test
    The Why Are You Single Test
    The Perfect Blow-Job Test
    The How Kinky Are You Test
    The Zombie Survival Guide Test

    I know I could do better than 55% on the Buffy one. No comment on the rest.

  6. In retrospect, I am amazed that my comment didn’t get marked as spam.

    And what does WordPress have against a “preview” button on the comment form, anyway?

    Tangentially yours…

  7. well, one reason the test is pretty good is that Rory Litwin wrote it …

  8. I should figure out the preview feature, you’re right. I use Spam Karma to tell the different between real and fake comments and I’m super impressed by how it works. I got something like 65%, I would love to know which ones I got wrong.

  9. Whoo-whoo! I’m so proud, I scored “Aspiring Librarian,” which is perfect for a wannabee like me. :)

  10. Well, it isn’t just you who doesn’t have the preview feature figured out. I have been leaving more comments than usual lately, and I don’t think any of the WordPress blogs have had a preview button. I wasn’t complaining, exactly, just curious about WordPress.

    I’m guessing that Spam Karma let my comment through because none of those sex test titles were linked to anything.

  11. Yea, you do have to wonder about some of the other quizzes. I think in large measure I did well because I just got out of library school, but there were a couple of stumpers there. As for the Buffy quiz, I would be toast there. The others? I will let you wonder. Best to all.

  12. OK, I found a “live comment preview” widget, let’s see how it works. Anyone want to try it out, use this thread and I’ll promise to remove embarassing code glitches and other “testing 1 2 3 ” type stuff

  13. A very US-centric quiz, but I still managed to score in the Assistant Librarian category, which I thought was pretty good, considering I’m not American.

  14. I am an “aspiring librarian” but also in the 99th percentile on knowledge

  15. It looks ajax-y but all I need to know is that it’s a plug-in and it seems to sort of work! I’lll have to mess with the styles to get it right, but hot damn!

  16. Well, I’m not an american librarian, that’s for sure…

  17. I scored 55% (Aspiring Librarian). My guess at the time was that this was written by a library science student or recent graduate, and I’m surprised to read here the it was Rory Litwin. Most of it is relatively useless trivia that has little to do with being a librarian. And, as has been mentioned by others, it’s very ALA and USA centric. I haven’t felt it necessary to memorize the Librarian Bill of Rights or whatever it is called, nor do I pay close attention to the machinations of ALA politics. I do pay close attention to the information needs of my users and keep up with the profession, and that is what makes me a librarian. A damn fine one, if I do say so myself.

  18. I enjoyed taking the test and sent a copy to Sandy Berman since he is not on-line. I also noticed that the author of the test is Rory Litwin.

  19. On my own knowledge, I came out as Assistant. However, remember that librarians don’t know everything, we know where to look it up! So, doing some quick work on the web, I managed to score as Head Librarian, 99%!

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