a few ALA wrap-ups

I finally made it back to my house after an extended trip home [extra time in airports, extra time in Boston, extra time on the bus] and it’s great to be here. I felt that this was one of my most productive conferences yet, even though it was a bit lacking in the “seeing all the friends I don’t see often enough” scale. I’m still putting together a wrap up, but in the meantime, feel free to read the ones I’ve found online:

  • Pink Sneakers blog
  • Karen’s LITA Councilors report
  • Rochelle’s Council wrap-up from which I will pull this list of notable resolutions and add one that was important to me at the end
    • Resolution in Suport of Immigrants Rights to Free Public Library Access
    • Resolution on Disinformation, Media Manipulation & the Destruction of Public Information
    • Resolution on the Connection between the Iraq War and Libraries
    • Resolution on Threats to Library Materials Related to Sex, Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation
    • Resolution on Support for Community Broadband Initiatives [paraphrased for now]
  • Some official numbers from ALA, record-breaking attendance.