librarians trying to break Guinness Book’s read aloud record

Librarians from Henderson District Public Libraries [NV] are trying to break the Guiness Book record for reading aloud right now. Their goal is 100 hours, thoroughly smashing the existing record of 81 hours and 15 minutes. Read their blog, see their Flickr pictures, learn more. From an email I got from them

We are sleep-deprived, punchy, and silly, but the Henderson staff and other libraries throughout the state seem to be getting a kick out of it.

Anyhow, this is the most bizarre thing I’ve done in the name of libraries and reading yet!

Oh, why are we doing this? We have recently purchased a bookmobile. We have gotten local corporate sponsors, and the money from that will go to our nascent outreach program. We are also highlighting literacy as well.

update: “Jessamyn West is excellent about posting bizarre crackpot stunts in the library world.” may have to be my new tagline