blog people say “ugh” to Michael Gorman

I read about this at about the same time I saw it in my RSS reader. Incoming ALA President Michael Gorman wrote an LJ opinion piece coming down hard on blogs and bloggers, quite possibly in response to some hassling he’s been getting from some of of the conservative bloggers. I read about it on the Council list, and then Anna’s blog, and then Karen’s. There were some heated responses on the list, and Gorman’s response that he was being satirical doesn’t really ring true to me. I supported Gorman’s ALA presidency last year and have always considered him an political ally and something of a comrade. Seeing him lash out — whether in jest or for real — in a way that makes him sound like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about disturbs and concerns me. Though the concern is more in a “will ALA ever get a clue?” way than in any “what will the fallout from this be?” way. Ugh, just ugh.

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