hi – 18feb

Hi. Aaron’s library and my library are now friends on Flickr. In other tech news, I have to apologize for not paying much attention to the newish podcasting craze sweeping the blogosphere out here, though I hear that Lessig has finally gotten on the bandwagon. In short, the reason I like tech tools like RSS and del.icio.us and feedster is that they allow me to take in news fast and scan-like, faster even than it takes to write it down. When I want to interact with information slowly, I’ll read a book. I know many people listen to the radio recreationally and so podcasting probably works for them. For me, taking in information in a 1 minute=1 minute ratio actually slows me down. I don’t mean to sound all “oh listen to me, I’m so busy” because I’m not. I have a lot of leisure time. I don’t have information overload. I enjoy the amount of media I interact with. However, I usually listen to the radio, or new music, or silence when I’m working. My multitasking does not extend to the audible realm. I’m looking forward to reading what others have to write about podcasting.

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