librarianavengers: Designing for hyper-attentive cyborg children

I have two confessions to make. 1. I never did like the International Children’s Digital Library much. I want to, I just don’t. 2. I haven’t been reading Erica’s LibrarianAvengers blog enough [now added to my RSS feeds]. Today’s post about the ICDL made me laugh out loud.

We need to run everything we do through a filter that asks: “If I click on this without an MLS, will it piss me off?” We need to acknowledge that design matters. We need to remove ourselves from our collections. We need to design websites that don’t mock the resources they contain. We need to do these things because otherwise all of our efforts are worthless. We need to design websites that don’t suck, because otherwise the kids that we care so much about are going to wander off and smoke crack. And it’s going to be our fault.