past entry 02sep

Hi. Please join me in the awkward phase between pure-CSS implementation of this website, and the move to a new webhost where it will be maintained much more elegantly with Movable Type, not the hinky cut ‘n’ paste that I do now. If you can’t read the new site, or if it looks unbearably awful, please let me know. My new job starts on Monday. I’m not sure why I thought this would be a grand time to mess with the website.

Not like I’m under thirty, but if you are, or you’re just young at heart, check out the NexGen Librarian listserv over at Topica. If you’re into social networking, there are librarian groups at Friendster and worth checking out. I’m at both, under my real name. If you’re there, introduce yourself. [ thanks chris ]

The NPR librarians have a few words to say