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cat vs dog library cage match

In another somewhat strange library altercation, man with assistance dog is allowed to proceed with his lawsuit against the library because the library cat [now deceased] scratched his dog. You remember the lawsuit right? Well it’s going ahead as scheduled.…

seasonal online collection of note

One of the nicest online collections I’ve seen, and seasonlly appropriate: the photographs of Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley at the Schwerdtfeger Library at UW. [thanks rebecca]

vermont libraries consider their role

One Vermont library is considering their role in the community and asking residents how they see the library fitting in. The VT Department of Libraries [just look at that web site, will you] is playing a shrinking role as a…

not naked and yet oddly appealing

I’m sort of happy I don’t really understand what is going on in these pictures. Just a bunch of girls in a library, fully dressed. Perfectly normal, right? [thanks edlef]

community analyses using census data

Short article about using the census data to help plan services for your library. I was really sort of astounded when I did our community analysis that there were almost no people in our service area who don’t speak English.…