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I date a lawyer

I don’t often think of law libraries as having really fancy virtual collections, but the Tarlton Law Library [at UT Austin] has a great set of pages about The Law in Popular Culture.

what goes on inside the library is constantly changing

If you have realaudio and you haven’t already heard it, Chicago Public Radio did a neat little bit on the library in American life featuring Louise Robbins and Matthew Battles. [thanks raizel]

reviews of the Library of Congress

Did you know that epinions allows you to review locations, as long as they are nominally travel desitinations? See what vistors to the Library of Congress or the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library had to say about them. Maybe even add…

want fries with that?

How far should libraries go to accomodate patrons who are “leaving text behind” Should we be spending 20% of our acquisitions budget on DVDs? Some very interesting numbers at the end of this article. [thanks tammi]