my public talks


slide image from the internet privacy toolkit

I like to give talks on the intersection of libraries, technology and politics. My main blog is at

  • Rural library technology and the digital divide
  • Copyright, fair use, and DRM in libraries
  • Policy issues such as the USA PATRIOT Act, CIPA, privacy, and legislation around social software.

I enjoy public speaking and I’ve been doing it for over a decade nationally and internationally. If you would like me to give a talk, please don’t hesitate to read more about what I do my faq or my resume, or just get in touch with meĀ Here are my most recent talks. Previous talks are on the talks archive page. A * indicates keynote


The 251 Club of Vermont
Barre VT, 10oct19
Teaching the Practical Privacy Toolkit
Webinar,OPLIN (OH) 03oct19
VLA Brag Deck
Burlington VT, 22may19
How to do the “Seven Scams” talk
Burlington VT, 22may19
Aging at the Library
Meredith NH, 11may19
Social Justice Roles for Libraries and Librarians *
Cambridge MD, 03may19
Seven Scams and How to Avoid Them
Randolph VT, 26apr19
Vermont’s 183 Libraries
St Johnsbury VT, 25apr19
Teaching the Practical Privacy Toolkit
Webinar, WiLSWorld (WI) 12apr19


Future-proofing the library…through the empowerment divide*
Webinar for Library Association of Singapore 30nov18
Vermont Library Conference “Brag Deck”
Fairlee VT 18may18
Practical Privacy Toolkit
Brattleboro VT 07may18
Social Justice Roles for Libraries and Librarians
University of Hawai’i Manoa, 17apr18
Urban Librarians Conference, NYC, 13apr18
Libraries Bridging the Digital Divide
TechForum, Toronto ON, 23mar18
Practical Privacy for Libraries (webinar, watch it!)
Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference, 24jan18
Disrupting Tradition (webinar, watch it!)
South Central (NY) Regional Library Council, 17jan18