a bibliophile’s version of heaven…

But is it a staff version of heaven? Read this editorial about the King County Library System in The Seattle Times and read about the 92% no confidence vote in the system’s director Bill Ptacek. Apparently one of his more unpopular decisions was the clustering of library branches, consolidating management and making all branch employees in any cluster potentially available for shifts in any library in the cluster. King County is the largest county in the state, by the way. Staff complain that this is destabilizing and against their union contract. The president of the union that represents the staff, Local 1857, gave this report to the KCLS board about clustering last year. (link goes to Google cache, the site seems to be down). Library Journal has a short follow up on what has been happening since the vote.

audiobooks + OPACs and interface design

Remember when your library makes a choice to go with audiobooks from a vendor that supports one platform only, usually PC, you’re not just reflecting the user demographics, you’re also helping create them. What’s not to like about a library service that you can’t use inside the library?