smart people use smart libraries – library ireland week

This was sent to me over Twitter and I loved it. It’s a promo for Library Ireland Week which starts March 7th by Areaman Productions.

RIP Máirín O’Byrne, Dublin city librarian

I am a sucker for these sweet obituaries of librarians. Máirín O’Byrne not only beefed up the libraries in Dublin city and county, she was very professionally active and provided home and hearth to many members of her family who were also involved in good works. We should all be so lucky to be so fondly remembered. [thanks eoin]

a handsome and familiar site for the library association of ireland

One of the things that is a little mysterious to people who are new to blogging is how people you mention on your blog seem to show up in your comments whenever their names come up. Simple, we use Technorati; in WordPress it’s even built into the dashboard of the software. In this fashion, I found the WordPress hosted blog for the Library Association of Ireland. Pretty lovely and professional looking site, don’t you think?

three irish links

I’m a little late on the uptake here, but today marks the end of the first annual Library Ireland Week. Check out all these events. For those of you interested in visual displays of quantitiative information, this map [150k pdf] is a really creative way to highlight the goings-on.