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Wired and pay-per-post and librarians and you

Now the story comes full-circle. Wired publishes a story by my friend Mat who I paid $10 to blog about how awesome libraries are. You may recall I mentioned this before. I even made the article!

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metacommentary – librarians are awesome, and clever

My web friend Mat Honan does a lot of neat stuff. He does triathalons, he writes for Wired, he goes traveling to interesting places. I follow him virtually via Vox and Flickr and other random places, not in a stalker-y … Continue reading

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a few things to read

I have seen a few things that are only tangentially related to what I normally do here, but I thought you might like them. The New York Times does a photo essay on people and their avatars. Sethf does the … Continue reading

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library hacking, social engineering style

The secret to getting into the lovely Elmer Holmes Bobst Library and Study Center at NYU? Tell the guard you’re going to the Tamiment Labor Library on the tenth floor, the only part of the library that’s open to the … Continue reading

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