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Society for American Archivists changes stance on listserv archives

After a lot of blustery back and forth, the SAA has reversed its decision to ditch the SAA listserv archives. I think this is a smart plan, but it was interesting to watch the back and forth on this topic. … Continue reading

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Society of American Archivists decides remove its own listserv archive

I’m back in the US, almost back in Vermont. Got this little bizarre piece of news today: Society of American Archivists decides to nuke its listserv archives. Huh.

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when public goes private: access to US National Archives costs $

The U.S. National Archive struck a deal with footnote.com. The good news? Lots and lots of historic documents wil be “available” in digital format for researchers, hobbyists and nerds like you and me. The bad news? For five years you … Continue reading

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Archives + Blogs = ???

When I went to the Society for American Archivists conference, one of the reasons I was invited was to be a positive presence and advocate for librarians (and by extension, archivists) using blogs, or at least paying attention to them. … Continue reading

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the librarian shortage in the US and abroad

More on the librarian shortage. Remember, just because librarians are retiring doesn’t mean new ones will get jobs. A great article and post by one of my favorite Australian library bloggers whose Exploded Library blog is now going to be … Continue reading

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