What happened to NJQ&A and why?

NJLA issues strong statement on NJ State Library/QandANJ, for more information read Peter Bromberg’s backgrounder post on what happened to this service and who made the decisions and why. Official statement by the NJ State Library is here.

One Response to “What happened to NJQ&A and why?”

  1. Peter Bromberg Says:


    Thanks so much for drawing attention to the situation in New Jersey. For those who’d like to follow the chronology I recommend starting with Andy Woodworth’s post: http://agnosticmaybe.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/kia-for-qanda-nj/ and then my first post on the topic: http://blog.peterbromberg.com/2011/04/qandanj-my-three-and-half-cents.html.

    Don’t skip the comments :-)

    Much appreciated. It’s been a long week!