watch worldcat grow

I’ve been watching WorldCat grow, but I’m a little confused. When I fist looked, the “title” I saw was Americana, cinema and dramatic arts, cookbooks, erotica, fine, decorative and graphic arts, illustrated books, literary first editions, metaphysics and the occult, science fiction, juvenalia, investment rarities. Now it just says List #2. These are not book titles. What am I watching?

4 Responses to “watch worldcat grow”

  1. Steve Lawson Says:

    Book dealer catalogs.

    Here is the one you saw. Author is Hollywood Book City, Hollywood, a dealer.

  2. Robert Teeter Says:

    Here’s the other one, also a book dealer’s catalog.

  3. Rob S Says:

    Wheee, what fun! Right now “Psoriasis” [computer file], Singapore, 2008, is holding 1,282,034,647.

    Add a little Casey Kasem narration and this could really take off.

  4. amy Says:

    wow, this is awesome!