this is just to say….

“Ayn Rand man, I would like to apologize for a few things. To begin with, I am sorry that I did not state in simpler words, when you asked why Ayn Rand was shelved in the fiction section instead of the philosophy section, that the Fountainhead is a novel.” from best of craigslist, via library_mofo.

3 Responses to “this is just to say….”

  1. joshua m. neff Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  2. SovietBear Says:

    I was working the reference desk once, when some doughy wanna-be biker kept going on and on about how Anarchy was the answer, and that he felt discriminated against that we didn’t have a large collection of pro-anarchy literature.

    I told him we used to have a large collection of anarchy literature, but people stole it all. He then stated that we should have better procedures in place to prevent that from happening. Viva Anarchy.

  3. mark Says: