some library halloweens

Just a few links that I spotted from libraries doing Halloweeny stuff.

I had fun noodling around making this list. One of the benefits of having been around the blog block a few times is that I can remember looking at libraries doing Halloween stuff, at least a little, back in 2000. There were almost no libraries with blogs, Flickr didn’t exist yet, and the whole idea of the read/write web was sort of a hazy shimmer on the horizon. While you’ll notice in that old post that Karen Schneider was already writing about our profession with her way with words (in the NY Times!) and Marylaine Block — who has a great recent column on party people in libraries creating community — was advising people to give books instead of candy for Halloween, it was still a small-seeming web. So, without turning this into another “blah blah library 2.0” cheer, let me just say that I think it’s gratifying to see this explosion on not just user-generated content, but library-generated content. I hope the next seven years are just as fruitful and fascinating.

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  1. Kara Reuter
    02Nov07 at 12:09
  2. 03Nov07 at 8:36

    We gave books out instead of candy. People loved it, we’ll try to make it an annual event. No photos but a bit more here

  3. 10Nov07 at 9:59

    good idea for library.
    library fancy ^-^

    nearly, Library in new year.
    I’m looking for it. I will take photo to your blog.

    I’m thai librarian

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