comix about librarians

The geeky among you should have already heard of xkcd, for those who haven’t, they did a strip today about librarians. [thanks mike]

3 Responses to “comix about librarians”

  1. herzogbr Says:

    Why is it that librarians are always portrayed as females? Plenty of us are guys, and we work just as hard as women.

  2. RainaB Says:

    Yes, well, 80% of us are female (in the United States, anyway). I think most people are aware of this on some level, so portraying a librarian as a woman is useful shorthand. If it makes you feel any better, there’s a funny strip out there called Unshelved. The main character is a male YA librarian:

  3. herzogbr Says:

    Now don’t I feel better… (from