happy lovers day, LIBRARY lovers day

The Australia Library and Information Association and Public Libraries Australia are rebranding Valentine’s day.

Forget Valentines’ Day, 14 February has been re-named “library lovers’ day”! Take the opportunity to celebrate those who love and support us and to remind decision makers how “loved” we are.

And in other 14feb news, I made this:

Happy Valentine's Day

5 Responses to “happy lovers day, LIBRARY lovers day”

  1. Eleni Says:

    That’s great to see.
    My library did something similar.

  2. lyra Says:

    awww, thats sweet. i bet it happens pretty often.
    i like the fairie post too.

  3. Kathryn Greenhill Says:

    Ah – but did you see the song and video made at home by Australian librarian Andrew Finegan to celebrate “Library Lovers’ Day”? Images of love, images of libraries and sometimes – both…even includes a few of your “come together” shots. It’s here

  4. jessamyn Says:

    I didn’t know that, thanks so much for the pointer. Now I am totally friends with Andrew on MySpace!

  5. Royce Says:

    Very nice! I would much rather love my library than some flesh type entity.