DOPA, what? A wrap up, post vote.

I probably should have mentioned in the title that my post yesterday was discussing DOPA. It’s certainly been a topic today, here are just the posts that I saw in my aggegator today.

And then there’s the blogads on Technorati which just say “Looking for Dopa? Find exactly what you want today.” Har har.

freedom to share, social software and your library

I have no idea how Meredith writes as much and as cogently as she does. As I have been sputtering around thinking about DOPA, she’s helping solve the problem. Remember how I said you really need to learn about this social software thing, before they make laws that you don’t understand about tools you’ve never used? Go, right now, and read her well thought out and well-researched post about Libraries and Social Networking Software. If you’re on facebook or myspace, look me up and poke me.

I’m editor of the week at Ourmedia

I’m guest editing this week over at Ourmedia. It’s a new site where people can upload content to share online for free. Sort of like the Internet Archive — who gives them the storage space — but with an eye towards shared creative content, not just storage and retrieval. I’ve got some quibbles with the interface but it’s in super-alpha so it’s all bug fixes and exploration for now. The sites has some social software features and some good potential. Get yourself an account and upload something.