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Gay pride exhibits bug people in Anchorage again.

Municipal Librarian Art Weeks said he fielded at least a dozen phone calls from people who thought the material was inappropriate for the public library. But he disagrees. “This is a social issue of our day on which we don’t all agree,” he said. “A library is a forum for the exchange of ideas, and it’s appropriate in that context.” Weeks said the exhibit complies with the city’s policy on library displays.

Greg goes to MLA

Speaking of librarian activism, Greg from Shush, the conservative librarian blog, has been at the MA Library Association conference doing a little conservative library activism. Greg and I may disagree politically about pretty much everything, but he was personable when I met him, works a few towns over from where I grew up [and may very well represent the views of a lot of that community], and anyhow I’m always interested in people’s activist awakenings, even if it’s not for “my” side.