Hi and Happy New Year! One of my resolutions is to get archiving and category sorting up and running for librarian.net this month. After I get back from ALA I will likely have my chance. Thanks for bearing with me.

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how do you define short?

The example URL in the ALA press release entitled “ALA web site will feature short [sic] URLs” is, itself, this long: http://www.ala.org/ala/oif/statementspols/statementsif/librarybillrights.htm. To be fair, a 75 character URL will not generally break in mailreaders. I’m interested to see what the reception will be to this “improvement”.
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while you were sleeping

PATRIOT Watch: You were probably like me thinking “what ever happened to PATRIOT II, it sure dropped off the face of the earth quickly…” Well, turns out that several provisions of USAPA II were rolled into Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal 2004. All Republicans but 15 voted for this. Some enterprising bloggers have decided to try to reward these congressmen for breaking with tradition and doing the right thing. In my world, that’s what my mother called “paying you to stay out of jail” but it is an interesting idea. [explolibrary]

cites & incites now out

Walt Crawford’s Cites & Insights [pdf] is out for January. He’s got an excerpt from his new book on the process of writing and tips for doing it well as well as a short piece discussing the currency of library weblogs along with some recommendations for good reads. [openstacks]