bush tinkers with archivists

I swear I did not start this day thinking “let’s think of some crappy things going on for NLW” but it is turning out that way huh? Next up is news that President Bush is agressively trying to replace the current Archivist of the United States with his own hand-picked replacement before his Dad’s papers are subject to disclosure via the Presidential Records Act. There is also talk that he may not want some of the 9/11 Commission’s records released. The Society for American Archivists is concerned. [thanks jes]

shut up and what?

As per usual, it’s good to remember that not all patrons appreciate our anti-PATRIOT Acts. In fact some don’t even seem to understand what we do for a living….

Okay librarians, let’s get this straight. You stack books in a building for a living. Are we clear? You run books under that beeping thing and give them to those of us who are too cheap to buy them in stores. You are not arbiters of free speech, the Constitution or our freaking civil rights. [stuff]